In general, the concept of pairing with the past and the future is said. When using it by this usage, two that is when it is possible to replace it with the word "Now" a lot. Moreover, time with width that contained it at the near past (recent) and the Kon futurity is indicated in the wide sense. There is a usage as the adverb or the verb, too. It is possession 3 of the shade of meaning "In all truth" etc. as the adverb, and it is located in the Sagyo-henkaku use by the intransitive verb as a verb. Might it affix under the word that shows the date and it be written, "Population as of May 6" and "As of standard Japanese 7:8 AM in time", etc.Four widely used to show whether changing information is the one at the time of when clearly when expressing it with accounting, total, career, and historical description.